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If you are looking for the most affordable electric vehicle in India, then the wait will get over soon. The brand-new Tata Nano EV electric vehicle is coming to the market. Recently, this story has been making the rounds that a new EV version of Tata Nano will launch in the market.

We are sure that it will give a tough competition to the competitors in the similar segment. Tata is known for its brand value and quality; car enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to try their hands on the wheels and experience the brilliance of the made-in-India Tata Nano EV.

It is believed that this is the latest Tata Nano EV which will be available in the market of electric vehicles very soon. Its launch will shake up the Indian market for EV 4W by its price.

Tata Nano EV
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Brief History, Why Tata Nano Was Discontinued?

There was a period when the tata nano was the most affordable car across India, with the markets having a monopoly on it. Still, after a while, it failed to meet its expectations, because of which the motor company tata stopped production.

Recently an image has gone all over social media platforms. Ratan Tata, the former chairman of Tata Motors, is seen sporting a newly upgraded and brand-new version of the Tata Nano electric. Ratan Tata was the person who founded the Electra EV Company in India, which was already producing powertrains.

Which Company Has Gifted Mr. Ratan Tata The Tata Nano EV?

Recently, a photo has been going viral on social media platforms. Ratan Tata, the former chairman of Tata Motors, is seen sporting a brand upgraded and a new variant of Tata Nano electric. 

Ratan Tata was the founder of the Electra EV Company in India that was already manufacturing powertrain. Team Electra EV has gifted the 72V model of a custom-built Tata Nano Electric Vehicle to Mr. Tata. He rode it for an easy ride and offered his valuable feedback and insight to the team leaders.

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He also had a brief catch-up with the entire team and appreciated their efforts and hard work to bring back this iconic model into existence.

Tata Nano Launch Date?

We are now discussing Tata Nano electric car’s release time in India. Customers will have to wait for a reasonable time to reserve the electric nano car in India.

Nano will enter the Indian market with the iconic brand, once called ‘ a car for every household.’ The company aims to introduce limited numbers of Tata Nano EVs by 2025. 

But, given the growing demand for electric cars on the market, Nano could try to bring Nano sooner.

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Tata Nano EV Features?

Tata is known for its fully-featured cars, and Tata Nano EV will not disappoint you. Below are some of the features currently being disclosed by the officials.

  • Range: Available with an endurance of 160 KM
  • Speed: The company claims the car will take 10 seconds to travel from 0-60 KMPH. Its top speed is 110 KMPH
  • Maximum Power: 23 HP
  • Maximum Torque: 85 NM
  • Ground Clearance: 180 MM
  • Kerb Weight: 800 KG
  • Battery: Lithium-ion batteries have been utilized in this, 160km/single charge
  • Architecture: 72V Architecture has been used.

Tata Nano EV Interior?

The company behind the EV has made all of its efforts to personalize the Tata Nano electric car, which is evident in the interior view. The seating area in the vehicle is significant, and an infotainment display with a size of 7 inches is also available, which can help you enjoy your drive.

Furthermore, the latest digital tools are included inside the vehicle to assist you in driving safely, and you will also be able to find out information about the battery.

Tata Nano EV Exterior?

The length, breadth, and height are 2,497 mm, 1,526 MM, 2,497 MM, and 1,616 millimetres, respectively. These dimensions are great for customizing a vehicle. The clearance for ground offered by Electra the EV is 180mm, which can help protect your chassis from damage from speed breakers or road obstacles.

In India, the level of the speed breaker isn’t up to the standards required for a regular vehicle, which causes damage to the bottom portion of a car. However, with Nano EV, you don’t need to be concerned about the clearance at the bottom, as the area available is adequate.

The Top Highlights From Tata Nano EV?

Tata Nano Electric Car is packed with sophisticated features that meet modern requirements. Its highlights include iRA connectivity, wireless charger, car Play support for Android and iOS and cruise Control, Power Windows for the front & Rear, Push Start and Stop buttons, and a lot more.

Tata Nano Price In India?

The company is expected to keep the price lower than previously to ensure that it’s accessible to people who want to purchase an electric vehicle. Although the price of its official launch is not yet known, it is speculated that the cost in India could be anywhere from 4-6 lakhs.

If the company decides to launch the Nano EV at this price, it would be the lowest-priced electric car that costs less than ten lakhs in India.


Will Tata launch Nano EV?

The Tata Nano Electric Car sometimes referred to as the Electra EV Nano, is anticipated to hit Indian roads soon.

Is Tata Nano an electric car?

Tata Nano Electric is the first electric vehicle with a clutch-free manual transmission. Because the Tata Nano Electric is still in the development stage as a concept car, it comes with an unveiled controller unit within the car’s boot.

What is price of electric Nano?

2022 Tata Nano EV (Electra) is expected to cost Rs 4-6 lakhs for India (ex-showroom).

The Tata Nano may end up being an unfulfilled wish of Tata Motors, but there is no doubt that it had the potential to become a great selling vehicle if it was promoted differently.

At present, when the demand for compact electric vehicles is growing as never before, The Tata Nano EV is announcing its arrival attractively.

If you would like to know about TATA EV, go through the company’s website.

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  1. Nano may be built with 2 seat, 2 door for pasenger, one door for boot space. So max storage for couples.
    Also avoiding two door and two seat can reduce cost of vehicle.

  2. I’m Pradeepan here. I’m a proud owner of a NANO XTA 2017. I want to know if I can can have an exchange mya XTA with an EV

    • Hello Pradeepan,

      Thank you for your question, there is no official communication on this yet from Tata Motors, however as we know, there is always exchange facilty available, but lets wait and see if fuel car can be exchanged against EV.



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