About Us

Our Story, Our Mission

Who We Are

EVP is a dream vision of Ananda Purakayastha and Bijoy Dutta, the two hardcore car lovers from the city of joy, Kolkata. We are very passionate about all things green!

For example, we do a lot of gardening, have installed solar energy systems in our house, and now trying to spread the knowledge around green electric cars around the globe, with the sole vision of experiencing a greener and carbon-reduced world for our future generations.

What We Do

Being electric vehicle lovers, spending the weekend checking out car shows and keeping up to date with new EV technology is very much on the cards.

We are also able to get grips with EVs and experience their power, firsthand by test-driving them, but we also spend time reviewing all of the latest car accessories for sale that complement this market such as specific smartphone holders for your car and even hydration systems!

Why We Do It

Through our EVP blog, you will learn about interesting articles and information about electric cars worldwide.

Our goal is to develop this blog into an archive of a high-quality electric vehicle knowledge center where visitors can come and find valuable information for free!

At EVP, we have a vision to provide you with the best, most reliable Electric vehicle information online. Our authors turn their passion for EVs into fresh and informative articles for your reading pleasure, all backed by accurate information.

We are working hard to turn our passion and enthusiasm for Electric Cars into a popular online blog. We hope you enjoy our articles and information as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

We are hoping to receive your support and love in our journey.

Thank You For Visiting Our Site!

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