Tata Nano EV

It Will Change The Way You Drive, Enjoy & Travel 

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Team Electra EV has gifted the 72V model of a custom-built Tata Nano Electric Vehicle to Mr. Tata  

The company aims to introduce limited numbers of Tata Nano EVs by 2025 

Range: 160 KM Speed: 0-60 KM in 10 Sec Maximum Power: 23 HP Maximum Torque: 85 NM Ground Clearance: 180MM Weight: 800 KG Battery: Lithium-ion  Run: 160km/single charge

Going to be people's car

Length: 2,497 MM

Breath: 1,526 MM

Height: 1,616 MM

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TATA NanO Expected PRICe

It is speculated that the cost in India could be anywhere from 4-6 lakhs

Easy Charging Option

Battery: Lithium-ion batteries have been utilized in this, 160km/single charge

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