Electrifying Speed: The Top 7 Fastest Electric Dirt Bikes of 2023

Top 7 Fastest Electric Dirt Bikes

Fasten your helmets and brace yourself for an electrifying ride! The world of off-road biking is getting a high-voltage jolt as electric dirt bikes surge in popularity. These aren’t your ordinary bikes – they’re high-performance, eco-friendly machines that are revving up to take the biking world by storm. Imagine tearing up the trails with zero …

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Lightning LS-218: The Unstoppable Electric Beast

Lightning LS-218 Fastest Electric Motorcycle

Are you ready to be electrified? Welcome to the exhilarating world of electric motorbikes, where cutting-edge technology meets raw power. Gone are the days when electric bikes were seen as the slower, less thrilling cousins of gas bikes. Today, they’re not just keeping up with their gas-guzzling counterparts – they’re surpassing them. Manufacturers are tirelessly …

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Okaya Electric Vehicle Launches e-Scooter ‘Faast’


Okaya Electric has launched its new high-speed e-scooter in India, Okaya Faast, at the recently held EV Expo 2021 in Greater Noida. The company also announced the opening of bookings with an initial payment of Rs 1,999 through the Okaya EV website or at dealerships. Besides, Okaya also showcased its upcoming e-motorcycle Ferrato, which is …

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Honda PCX Electric


The Honda PCX Electric is an electric scooter outfitted with Honda’s unique high-output electric motor aiming for a more harmonious mobility performance in urban traffic, and a removable Honda Mobile Power Pack. While sharing the same basic design as the PCX Hybrid, this all-electric bike’s design emphasizes the EV components, and with a dedicated rear …

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Top 11 Electric Two Wheelers To Rule The Road In 2022 & Beyond

Top 11 Electric Two Wheelers in india

The world is preparing itself for one of the biggest challenges to realize the green planet dream. Many countries have started adapting to electric vehicles to help reduce the effect of greenhouse gases that are emitted from gas vehicles.  India is not far behind, as almost 877,000 registered electric vehicles are already plying on the …

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Tata Nano EV Tata Electric Cars