Pravaig EV, India’s Most Desirable Electric Car

A small Bengaluru-based company is looking to create a car that will eliminate the use of vehicles in general. We’ve tried to gather all the information about Pravaig EV’s prototype engineering design for an exclusive look at what’s coming up.

Pravaig,” is a well-thought name that means maximum possible speed in Sanskrit. And it’s rightly sitting Pravaig EV. And it’s rightly sitting Pravaig EV.

A radical move, paradigm shift, unique design, and game-changing strategy can be a couple of terms commonly used by those working in marketing when discussing the latest vehicles and features or services that are new. It’s never been more relevant than now, and Pravaig EV will make it even more relevant in the electrical vehicle industry.

As the electric vehicle is becoming a reality, the auto industry has been shaken up that the world’s top-selling EV currently is manufactured by Tesla, which wasn’t even in existence two decades ago and is not owned by any of these centuries-old companies.

Why would Indian intelligent entrepreneurs be behind in this race?

The latest to join them is Kolkata-based Pravaig Dynamics, which seeks to design an even better vehicle and find a better method to use it.

This independent builder has immense knowledge in automobile garage work and in-depth knowledge in electricals and automation, which helped manufacture such a masterpiece.

The car you’re looking at is an engineering prototype we’ve had the chance to experience through various available images and videos, and it would have been great to get our hands on the wheels and drive around.

It’s always thrilling to drive a model car, and this one will be no less as it’s our made. Let me begin by describing the style since, unlike other prototypes, the Pravaig electric vehicle has a well-styled body that is wholly unmasked since it’s designed to attract attention to the company and its work.

In real life, the Pravaig EV is identified as a garage-based project. However, its lines are fascinating, and the car is a stunning sight.

Dhawal Vinayak Khullar, the co-founder of the company and COO, has stated that while the final model will have four doors and a taller roof, the car’s distinctive design and character will stay. 

Image Source: RushlanePravaig Extinction MK1

Some Facts about Pravaig EV

This is the theme of many of Pravaig’s designs. The tail-lights and the fender-mounted turn signal indicators have edges that are rounded from an acrylic sheet that sticks from the bodywork and a lot of body lines. The top part of the bumper has sharp edges.

The car’s sides are tidy, with only the turn indicators breaking through the smooth surface. The door handles are pop-out flash units.

There’s no charging flap visible, and it’s concealed under the number plate on the rear. The enormous flat shoulder on top of the rear wheels is a nice touch—some flair and muscle.

The car looks attractive from any angle, but let us know which angle is your favourite.

The car will go through automobile and regulatory guidelines, and we can see some changes and upgrades.

On the side, a small hollowed-out portion runs across the vehicle’s width and is home to two projector headlamps and an uninterrupted LED strip.

In a car that has no engines, you might wonder why this bonnet is vast and because it contains the boot. The front of the production car is expected to be shorter in the future. It will give more space to the area for passengers instead.

Pravaig EV is 4,820mm in length, making it an enormous car. This car currently has no AC, and the windows are sealed. This can be a little problem during test rides or for any review.

From the other sources, it was learned that in relation to the AC or absence in it, Dhawal states that the prototype was created to test the powertrain and suspension. The final model will come with cooling in the cabin, as well as an air-filtration system on board that includes a PM2.5 filter. 

The interior space, although adequate, could have been more comfortable. However, the final model will provide more room in the interior as it has a broader wheelbase keeping the same length.

Siddhartha Bagri, who is Pravaig’s CEO and another founding partner, says that they will include a top-quality audio system made by French audio company Devialet. He’s confident that the car will sound the sexiest out of anything on wheels.

The seating at the rear of the car is very comfortable even though they’re not the final versions. However, they are incredibly comfortable. Recline angles are an evident sign of the emphasis on comfort, and the production vehicle will be able to carry on the Pravaig’s strict 4-seat configuration and reclinable seats.

Dhawal claims they aim at a recline of 160 degrees and a slight knees-up posture which will keep a person in position should there be a collision and therefore pass the safety rules.

Between the two seats, there is a large armrest that is currently empty of anything. However, the final vehicle will come with cooling storage space and an airline-style folding tray that can hold the size of a 15.6-inch laptop.

Interior Courtesy: Pravaig

In addition, every person in the final car will also get additional amenities, including AC vents and privacy screens, 12-inch illuminated vanity mirrors, and charging stations for phones and laptops.

The Pravaig EV stands out among its competitors because of its futuristic spaceship-like control panel, with buttons for the simplest things such as the headlights, to more sophisticated prototype controls, like the brake servo pumps, the motor cooling fan and the master electrical kill switch.

Like the dash, the panel is made of a machined silver sheet and has backlighting through the laser-cut slits. The panel isn’t likely to see the light of day, and it’s just engineers enjoying themselves, and it’s awe-inspiring.

While the customers might not be able to get their hands on the wheels, the other reviewers who were lucky enough to try the wheels say that it has an unpowered and massive steering wheel.

The steering gear is indeed a different part of the vehicle that this prototype was not made to be used. It doesn’t come back to the centre, and it is cumbersome. But not to worry, the final version wheel has a smooth steering control which will make the rider’s experience world-class.

Also, it has a motor assist system, powered by the right and left buttons to control a motor that will turn the wheel automatically for you. But at present, the operating algorithm isn’t designed to operate safely at high speeds, and pressing the buttons will send the motor spinning at a rapid pace in the direction you choose.

Dashboard Courtesy: Pravaig

However, the suspension has many hours of work completed, and it provides excellent comfort in the handling and rides balance. Before the public announcement this year, they had been busy building prototypes, including off-road buggies and an off-road Paris Dakar-style racer; this had some suspension issues; lessons learned from this helped improve a better suspension for Pravaig EV.

Pravaig EV is a well-rounded ride (prototype noises aside). It is tuned to the comfort of its riders, perfectly rounding off potholes and bumps in a very comfortable way. Additionally, it maintains an even body and doesn’t make a lot of a squat or pitch in the event of hard acceleration and braking.

The motor is rated at 203HP as well as a battery pack of 96kWh, according to the company, it provides and supports a The motor is rated at 203HP and has a battery pack of 96kWh; according to the company, it provides and supports a distance of around 500km. Electric motors produce all their torque right from the beginning; the power peak is early and then becomes linear all the way through. If you want to know how EV charging works, please read our article.

There’s a slight pause in the off-throttle reaction, but that’s more due to a subtle shift on the pedal, not the motor’s response. The power then comes in immediately and is linear throughout.

Pravaig promises a 0-100kph speed of 5.4sec. This is based on full operational power, and the prototype is operating at about 65 percent of its capacity. The acceleration is smooth and powerful, keeping pace with traffic was a breeze and overtaking was effortless as per one of the test riders. Speed breakers can be a bit challenging. However, the final vehicle will have a high ground clearance of about 200mm, which is the crossover style of its body.

In addition, Pravaig’s body is constructed of fiber-reinforced plastic that is of aviation quality and will be the production vehicle. They initially thought of sheet metal, but it was not a good idea, and the fact is that Pravaig is confident about the performance of the fiber body in crash tests. They aim for an impressive Euro NCAP star rating.

Pravaig is also considering making the car using more minor components. This is not just a way to lower costs but also to reduce complexity and, therefore, the chance of failure.

For example, while in other vehicles, the dashboard mounting bar functions as a highly sturdy hollow beam; however, for the Pravaig, it also functions as an air channel for those front AC vents. This is quite clever and sums up the entire project.

Image: Cars24

A collection of intelligent people with innovative ideas and a unique approach make the prospects an excellent one, and we all are looking forward to driving the final model.

The initial tentative date of the first production vehicle should be around two years away at the current rate of development. However, Siddhartha claims it could be happening in the next few months. We are guessing that is possible since it’s a small and flexible start-up that is well-funded.

Lastly, you must be thinking; what should be the price point at which Pravaig EV will be available? This car will be available on a lease basis and hire taxis, and it will be the world’s first Robo taxi powered by an app called DEFY. The approximate price of this car will be Rs 20 To 30 Lakhs (expected).


What will be Pravaig’s car price in India?

The estimated price of the Pravaig Extinction MK1 Electric Car in India is around 30 to 35 lakhs. Furthermore, the Extinction MK1 is slated to be launched in India by the third quarter of 2022.

Is Pravaig a good car?

Pravaig aims to compete with Tesla in the battery’s performance and offer Mercedes S-Class-like luxury. Pravaig claims that safety is their primary priority, and the vehicle provides five stars of safety. It isn’t sure whether the car is tested for a crash by any other organization or it’s an internal claim for five-star safety.

Who is the owner of Pravaig Dynamics?

Mr. Siddhartha Bagri, the co-founder of Pravaig Dynamics, said that nearly 95% of their car had been Made In India, with parts of lesser value imported.

Is Pravaig dynamic listed?

Pravaig Dynamics Private Limited was incorporated with MCA on June 12, 2019. It is a subsidiary of MCA. Pravaig Dynamics Private Limited is classified as a company class and a non-Govt Company.

Along with you all, we are also waiting for this fantastic made-in-India electric vehicle to come on the road, and we are sure that it will rock the Indian Market.

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