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Electric cars have a reputation for being more expensive than their traditional ICE-powered counterparts, but improvements in technology is closing the gap every day. This year, there will be more affordable electric cars than ever. But what’s going to be the best new affordable of 2022, Keep reading for a detailed breakdown on what we judge the cheapest electric cars really viable EVs on sale today.

Below you’ll find the cheapest electric cars on sale in 2022

Fiat 500e

Image Source: Tek Deeps

$27,500 / £20,000

Range: 117 miles

Fiat has translated that eagerness of the petrol in electric model with no gears and a big slab of battery weight under the seats. Best of all, because its torque is so readily available, you can just as easily make progress by wafting about in near-silent peace. 

Fiat unveiled the new version of its electric Fiat 500 back in March’21. Within two months of release, the company has shed more light on its availability and as per it, the sale of the Fiat 500 will start with high-spec ‘La Prima’ first-edition models

Nissan Leaf

Image Source: Ccarprice

$27,400 / £19,800

Range: 180 miles

Nissan Leaf boasts of an improved aerodynamic design that has improved the driving dynamics of the car, in turn allowing the popular electric vehicle to cover more distance on a single charge. The new design has made the car more aerodynamic, which in return improves the stability of the car. The airplane wings too help with a more symmetric air flow for a smoother and more efficient drive quality. 

Nissan Leaf gets improved battery life as well. The car’s 40 kWh battery can take the Nissan Leaf up to 400 km on a single charge, with a power output of 148 bhp and a torque of 320 Nm. Charging time is from 8 hours to 16 hours depending on the power capacity and the Leaf also get quick charging feature which can give 80 per cent battery time in 40 minutes.


Image Source: EV Database

$27,500 / £20,000

Range: 162 miles

The all-electric version of the Volkswagen Up, which is the best city car you can buy. The e-Up is also one of the three VW Group city car clones – you can buy an electric Skoda called the Citigo i-EV, or a Seat Mii Electric, sharing exactly the same powertrain.

The healthy boost in range means the e-Up is more of a feasible runabout for low-mileage drivers looking to make the switch. Its dimensions and electric powertrain make it useful around town and it’s not out of its depth on the motorway, either.


Image Source: Zap Map

$34,500 / £25,095

Range: 214 miles

The MG5 EV Long Range (LR) is an extremely spacious vehicle and has an incredible electric range of 403KM*. The MG5 EV LR has a 61.1 kWh battery and features fast charging capability with the ability to reach an 80% battery charge in just 40 minutes via a 100kW CCS rapid charge point.

The spacious MG5 EV LR offers a boot capacity of 578 litres to the roof. This capacity increases to 1,456 litres when the rear seats are folded down and loaded to the roof. Within the cabin, there is plenty of space for five people to travel comfortably. The MG5 EV LR encompasses innovative technology including an 8″ colour touchscreen featuring Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, reversing camera, sat-nav and MG Pilot driver assistance technology.

Volkswagen ID.3 (Life)

Image Source: EVision

$37,200 / £27,120

Range: 217 miles

It’s a great car. Volkswagen ID.3 is a remarkably complete small electric vehicle. It’s not just one of the very few EVs that are truly enjoyable to drive, thanks to its weighted steering and incredible controls on the body, it’s really smooth, achieving the performance of the premium Kia e-Niro Long Range , and outshining its major rivals, like the Citroen e-C4 and the Peugeot e-208. It’s also extremely equipped in the Life trim and has low-predicted depreciation.

Pro Performance Pro Performance has a 58kWh battery as well as a motor that is 201bhp according to the official WLTP numbers the range is 263 miles. We managed 197 miles over roads and trails at our own test track. From 0 to 62mph, it takes 7.3sec which is faster than that of the fastest Leaf.

Mini Electric

Image Source: MTA

$38,300 / £27,900

Range: 140 miles

The first fully electric MINI is a revolutionary step that brings together MINI go-kart-like performance with iconic design. The result is MINI at its best and empowering you on the highest level. Take a leap into a the new urban electric lifestyle.

MINI Cooper SE*: Energy consumption in kWh/100 km 16-9 – 14,9 The fuel consumption per 100 km in litres combined: 0. CO2 emissions per g/km zero. (WLTP) in km: 203 – 234. The range of driving depends on a myriad of variables such as your driving habits, selected route and weather conditions, as well as the use of preconditioning, heating/cooling, and conditioning.


Image Source: NDTV

$39,100 / £28,495

Range: 160 miles

This British automaker is set to announce a mid-lift revision to its first electric vehicle called the MG ZS EV. Although its launch date and specifications are not yet announced however, the 2022 MGZS facelift for electric vehicles is expected to arrive in the next month (i.e. February). The electric SUV will experience radical changes inside and out and will also have a larger capacities battery.

The new model will come with an upgraded battery of 51 kWh which will provide a range of approximately 490km. The ZS EV is equipped with an 44.5kWh battery pack that has an estimated range of 419km.

Peugeot e-208

Image Source: Top Gear

$39,200 / £28,550

Range: 210 miles

The PEUGEOT 208 is a striking design, sporty style and is complemented by its clean, powerful lines that highlight its contemporary design. The PEUGEOT e-208 represents the essence of the new mobility trend.

If you’re considering making the switch to a smaller electric vehicle and want to make the switch, the Peugeot E-208 might be the ideal vehicle to begin. It’s got an adequate range, stylish appearance and is more useful everyday than the more expensive Honda e or Mini Electric.

Honda E

Image Source: Auto Car

$40,000 / £29,165 (after grant)

Range: 137 miles

The Honda e is one of the Japanese manufacturer’s debut electric vehicle designed for Europe and does it not appear cool? Honda’s Urban EV Concept wowed crowds as it was announced during the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, and although in the process of transforming to production form , the Honda e has shed a few of its smart styling cues it’s still a stunning electric vehicle.

The same thing happens inside, since the interior is dominated by an infotainment display that covers all the dimension of the dashboard. It has an 8.8-inch TFT display on the driver’s side that displays information such as efficiency and speed, and two 12.3-inch touchscreens comprise the main information display.

Renault Zoe

Image Source: Irish Times

$40,100 / £29,179

Range: 200 miles

The latest ZOE is proof that an electric vehicle has improved performance as well as be simpler to use, which makes driving much more enjoyable. The instant torque available gives the sensation of responsiveness. Its performance enhances the experience due to silent in the car, its lack of vibration, and its ability to pick up speed quickly without changing gears.

It brings in the 100kw motor. It has power of 135 horsepower with 245 Nm torque. ZOE comes by an R135 motor that can go between 80-120 km/h in 2.2 seconds.

Vauxhall Corsa-e

Image Source: Top Gear

$42,000 / £30,610

Range: 200 miles

The brand new Corsa-e provides easy acceleration. The 100% electric motor glides from 0-60 mph in 7.6 seconds, and produces the speed of 260Nm in a matter of seconds. In B-mode mode the regenerative brake system transfers the majority of the energy derived from stopping into the battery which helps to keep your battery’s capacity.

It’s powered by a brand new 50kWh lithium-ion battery. Corsa-e can travel up to 223 miles (WLTP) 1 on one charge, isn’t so impressive.

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